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Tech Standards

THe sas vision for technology

Technology serves as a dynamic tool for learning that optimizes productivity, connectivity, collaboration, and creativity.

When technology is integrated into the teaching environment in meaningful and purposeful ways, the following learning opportunities will be created:

  • Enhanced engagement and achievement in all academic and core subject areas

  • Increased connection of core subject and curricular areas to real world opportunity and experiences

  • Increased opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate and communicate with other students, educators, and experts from around the globe

  • Encourage and promote creativity and innovation by integrating digital tools

  • Promotes a variety of forms of expression that utilize digital tools and platforms best suited to individual learning styles

Therefore, students will demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways including:

  • Collaborating and creating documents, spreadsheets, maps, presentations, and websites using Google Apps for Education

  • Developing an authentic electronic platform portfolio in the form of a blog that supports reflective learners and showcases growth and learning

  • Creating unique and dynamic multimedia projects such as movies, slideshows, and music

  • Connecting and collaborating with other student within and outside of SAS using educational social networking

  • Publishing their creative works online

We encourage students to publish both in-process and completed works in a variety of online spaces in order to build a positive digital presence. By sharing their works online, students will practice good digital citizenship and develop an increased understanding of responsible online behavior. Presenting their work online at local and global levels provides a real audience from whom they can continue to grow and learn.

Important to our 1:1 program is that it remains viable, relevant, and flexible. We are fully expecting the programs and structures to evolve over time as technologies and needs continually change. Students and teachers will be involved in evaluating new tools and their effectiveness toward our learning goals and school vision. SAS will continue to support innovative and creative uses of technology for teaching and learning.

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SAS is committed to creating and embracing a 21st century approach to teaching, learning, and providing all students with 21st century learning experiences, environment, resources, and skills. An essential element in supporting this direction is adequate access to technology resources. 1:1 device programs are the norm in international schools and have proven to be successful in developing 21st century skills, apptitutes, behaviors, by creating an institutional culture of learning, creativity, and innovation.


Apple Computers have been committed to supporting public and private education for several decades. As such, their products and solutions provide an "ecosystem" widely known for its ease of use, reliability, innovation, and creativity. The emergence of iPads as a powerful learning tool for schools has furthered Apple's presence and commitment to education. The consistency of design, functionality, and user experience from Apple's operating systems, iOS and Mac OS, simplify use for users of all ages and experiences. These characteristics are ideal for educational settings and support our vision for educational technology. These factors led to the decision of choosing Apple as the single platform for SAS.

Content from the SAS website


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