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1:1 ipad program

SAS is committed to creating and embracing a 21st century approach to teaching, learning, and providing all students with 21st century learning experiences, environment, resources, and skills. An essential element in supporting this direction is adequate access to technology resources. 1:1 device programs are the norm in international schools and have proven to be successful in developing 21st century skills, apptitutes, behaviors, by creating an institutional culture of learning, creativity, and innovation.

Apple Computers have been committed to supporting public and private education for several decades. As such, their products and solutions provide an "ecosystem" widely known for its ease of use, reliability, innovation, and creativity. The emergence of iPads as a powerful learning tool for schools has furthered Apple's presence and commitment to education. The consistency of design, functionality, and user experience from Apple's operating systems, iOS and Mac OS, simplify use for users of all ages and experiences. These characteristics are ideal for educational settings and support our vision for educational technology. These factors led to the decision of choosing Apple as the single platform for SAS.

ipad responsible use

Singapore American School believes technology serves as a dynamic tool for learning by optimizing productivity, connectivity, collaboration, and creativity.


Our goal in providing internet access and digital devices to students is to promote educational excellence by facilitating innovation, communication, and collaboration. In order to meet our goal, users are expected to abide by and model the accepted Digital Citizenship Agreement, which includes but is not limited to:

K-2 Responsible Use

K-2 ipad responsible use

3-5 Responsible Use

3-5 ipad responsible use

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